[ic] Modification of a passed Date Value

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Fri Feb 27 12:22:50 EST 2004

If I have a stored in the following format: 20040218 (YYYYMMDD)

I would like to modify that format by adding 3 days, or perhaps subtracting

>From the docs it looks like I can use the  convert_date tag to do this, but
only if I do not pass a date:

[convert_date -2][/convert_date] will subtract 2 days from the current

[convert_date -2]20040218[/convert_date] ignores the -2 and just formats the

The time tag looks like it only works with the current time as well. I
don't' seem to be able to pass it a date value.

Am I using these tags incorrectly?

Gary Norton
broadGap Technologies

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