[ic] Shipping control - quantity pricing

Kerry Blalock kerryb at basicq.com
Sun Feb 29 09:20:57 EST 2004

I am using the foundation catalog, and having a problem understanding how
to control the shipping methods, and making quantity pricing work. Is
foundation just not turned on with these features? I have read everything
I can find in the archive, but still no luck.

I created a new shipping method in the shipping method table to ship free
over $25. This I confess, did not work because I could not figure out how
to create the formula, or numbers correctly.

I used the quantity (Y,N) area to set the q10 price. I put q10 in the top
field, and the price in the q10 field.

If someone can guide me to the correct documentation to read about these
features, I would be very appreciative.

I have downloaded all the docs I could find in the pdf format, and went
through them.

Thanks for your help.

ver 4.8+ patches, on a remote server.

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