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doug1 at ultimatepassage.com doug1 at ultimatepassage.com
Fri Jan 2 21:55:45 EST 2004

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Doug Alcorn wrote:

> Scott Martin <smartin at steamvalve.com> writes:
> >> If you begin from scratch, then I would recommend you to try
> >> Debian. That's what I did, and I can't say anything else that I'm
> >> very satisfied with it.
> >>
> > Debian worked for me as well!
> I'm a big fan of debian.  I use it on all my servers and two laptops.
> However, debian/testing (aka "sarge") also has the thread-enabled perl
> in it.  That means the next stable release of debian will be using a
> tread-enabled perl 5.8.  Since my servers are running debian/stable
> (aka "woody") they are ok with a non-threaded perl 5.6, I don't have
> any Interchange problems.  However, it's only a temporary reprieve.
> Probably sometime this year debian will upgrade sarge to stable.  At
> that time I'll have to choose between a distro that works with IC but
> otherwise is over two years old or a new distro release and some
> hackish perl installation to support Interchange.
> To sum up, I like debian.  Using the current debian/stable gets around
> the RedHat 8.0 multi-threaded perl issue.  However, it won't in the
> long run.

This is exactly why I use Gentoo.  With Gentoo, simply set the USE 
variables in /etc/make.conf just once.  The command "emerge perl" will 
install perl without threads  If I did want perl with threads, all I have 
to do is set USE=threads and simply emerge perl again.

Us Gentoo users don't have to keep multiple copies of Perl or worry about 
capricious and arbitary decisions from the distro maintainers.  

Although the gentoo install is tough, it is trivial to install new 
versions of apache, perl, php, mysql, etc without messing up an exisiting 
interchange installation.

If I get ambitious one of these days, I'll put together and ebuild for 
interchange.  A simple "emerge interchange" would install all the 
necessary pieces to get the foundation demo up and running. 


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