[ic] alternative image directories

George Fritz george at Thevillaandshoestoo.com
Sat Jan 3 19:47:52 EST 2004

In my current 4.8 active site I use my own image directories such as
images/vendor/vendorimageA[1].jpg, /vendorimageA[2].jpg, /vendorimageB[1],
/vendorimageB[2], etc with the /vendor directory used to organize images and
the [1] being standard size and the [2] being thumbs. All in the master
directory /images. I use subdirectories to be able to seasonally clean out
old pix and this allows easy organization and housekeeping. Not deep into
programing but was able to  change the image meta  prepend and use my own

Trying now to move to 5.0 and can't figure out how to avoid just dumping all
pix into either the thumb or the image directory.  There must be  a way to
allow an easy upload to a sub directory that write to the product table
without having to change the meta info for the image or the thumbs each time
I want to put something into a different directory. Am I just screwing up
the prepend?. Been scanning posts for days  and trying to edit here and
there, easily did it in 4.8 and I'm sure there's an easy thing I'm missing
here too. Any help would be appreciated.

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