AW: [ic] Error with cgi-bin/ic

Stephan Becker stephan.becker at
Mon Jan 5 06:59:42 EST 2004

David Nawrot wrote:
>After I ran the makecat i got the message Undefined catalog:
/cgi-bin/ic/test when i open the Admin or Customer Page.
> ... I hav a Directory called /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ic/. there  is a file with
the correct name. 

Hello David,

That sounds like you made a mistakte in specifying all the needed parameters
for makecat.
Please post your inputs for makecat so we could look at them to find your

I´ve no clue how the deb package is setting up IC at all, though I have a
woody production Server too.
I used the tar ball to get IC running wihin a Confixx Account.
I´m no friend at all of such backend deployment methods (except core system
components of course).

In the beginning I had lots of trouble with all those parameters makecat
asks for too.
After a couple of failures (including deb installation) I decided to do the
1.) Install my own Perl 5.6.1 single thread
2.) Get the lates tar ball of IC.
3.) Run .\configure as described
4.) Check out how cgi-bin does work with a simple script like
5.) Run makecat
6.) Review installation and run IC

The clues were at 1) 4) and 6)

1) My Server had a multi thredded Perl as default Perl
4) My cgi-bin setup was realy wierd.
6) The permissions for the IC link was not set up propperly.

I think that you are through with 1) to 3)
After you have examined your cgi-configuration and you have run the printenv
test from your browser you should know all the answers requiered for 5)

At 6) I used 'chmod 577 yourshoplinkfile' to override the wired s-bit
permissions set by makecat and I was up an running.

Good Luck

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