[ic] mv_profile and mv_search_map

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Jan 6 09:21:04 EST 2004

Quoting Jamie Neil (jamie at versado.net):
> I've tried to put the mv_search_map inside the profile, but I can't get 
> it to work. It seems that either you can't use it in a search profile or 
> I just haven't found the right way of phrasing it yet!

I think you cannot do it. A bug report was made about it long
ago, but the solution is not easy and I left it as is. Should someone
develop a strong streak of masochism and try and jump it to fix it,
I would welcome that.

It wouldn't be too big a deal to develop a [hiddens] tag:

UserTag hiddens Interpolate 1
UserTag hiddens HasEndTag
UserTag hiddens Routine <<EOR
sub {
    my $block = shift;
    my @lines = grep /\S/, split /\n/, $block;

	my @out;
    for(@lines) {
		my ($k,$v) = split /=/, $_, 2;
		$v = $Tag->filter('encode_entities', $v);
		push @out, qq{<input type=hidden name="$k" value="$v">};
    return join "\n", @out;

(You would have to lose your double quotes, but I am surprised that
worked with mv_profile anyway).



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