[ic] mv_profile and mv_search_map

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Tue Jan 6 12:55:05 EST 2004

Ed LaFrance wrote:

> It's quite doable - I've done this with many catalogs. With just a bit 
> of work, the foundation results page can be changed to handle SQL 
> queries; the larger volume of work is changing the search forms and 
> one-click searches (sidebar links) from interchange search calls to 
> straight cgi values to be incorporated into the SQL, and of course 
> writing your handler which evaluates the above to develop a smart SQL 
> statement. It is worth the effort, however.

Can you still use the [search-region] tag or do you need to create a new 
usertag to incorporate the query results with the results template?

Up to now I've tended to approach it by just replacing [search-region] 
in the template with a query tag (and item-* with sql-* etc.), and then 
controlling the output by passing values through in the query string. 
Any pointers to a more elegant solution would be appreciated.


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