[ic] Protx Payment Module Authentication

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Wed Jan 7 13:01:44 EST 2004

Lyn St George wrote:
>  It depends on just how much stuff you want to log - the expiry is
>  logged so that, if you are doing regular repeats, you can see when
>  the card is about to expire. You may of course log anything else you
>  think useful (note though that the CV2 number should not be logged
>  under Card Scheme rules).

Ok. I have thought about it and think the default is ok.

>  Their test server only really does a Luhn 10 check, but their live
>  server takes the response from the bank and passes it on to you, so
>  this one is definitive.

Ok, cool.

I have been trying to get the webpages protx and protxr working for 
refunds etc.
Initially i had a 'not null' modifier in the postgres table i was using, 
but after removing that things started to happen.

Basically, when i input a valid transaction into the webpage it gives 
the web browser an internal error.  An error is generated in the error 
log saying DBD::Pg::st fetchall_arrayref: there is no such statement 
executing at lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 1840

Possibly some routine is exiting prematurely. I have the protx profile 
in etc/profiles.order and the route in catalog.cfg. I also added the 
extra lines to etc/log_transaction.

Sometimes i get a 'This Transaction Type is not valid' error from 
StatusDetail in the payment_results hash. I assume this is a reply from 
protx and i dont think you can do certain TxTypes on the testvps server.

Any hints? I have lots of not null modifiers in orderline, and was 
wondering if this would affect it? I have the correct permissions on the 
tables.  I am also using these pages directly (without the admin UI).

Thanks again,


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