[ic] Matrix or Simple Options, Require customer to choose?

John Wolgamot john at wolgamot.com
Thu Jan 8 14:07:47 EST 2004

I have not posted in this list so I hope I use proper posting etiquette.

When there are simple or matrix options defined and when a customer
clicks the BuyNow button, is there a way to have interchange require and
notify a customer to choose an option before allowing them to continue?

Up to this point I'm simply making the default option
SELECT COLOR or SELECT SIZE etc. so that when the order comes through,
if the option in the order states SELECT SIZE then we know the customer
forgot to select this option and we have to call to find out what they

I looked for a while in the lists however I had no luck locating a post
which addresses my question. I hope I didn't give searching too soon.


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