[ic] A batter way? - Menus, Prod Groups, Categories

Jon Shoberg jon at shoberg.net
Thu Jan 8 22:56:25 EST 2004

Short Version:

Where might I find an example of creating a new page or new component 
where I can take a URL parameter and write my own SQL queries, and output 

Long Version:

I'll make a list of how I'd like the workflow to go ...

1) A store front index page with a left hand menu, containg only the 
store's product groups.  I can easily see how to do that with the menu 

2) When clicking on a left hand menu link, the url goes to a page where it 
takes the Product Group as a URL parameter and displays a list of 
categories in the center.

  Q: How to access URL parameters in a component/page?
  Q: How to develop custom SQL queries and output the data.

3) When clicking on the category link it goes to a page which lists the 
products, simmilar to the default search.

I'm picturing this ot be a simple 3-tier link structurt from opening the 
storefront page with product groups, to categories, to the actual product?

Does this sound reasonable?




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