[ic] newbie question on admin functions handling RMA / returns / lost packages

www.terascout.com terascout at terascout.com
Fri Jan 9 17:50:43 EST 2004


Just started looking into interchange. Can seem to find the info in the
docs or mailing list archives.

We need to handle product returns, packages lost in shipping, and
refunds. The process starts from our customer service application
(rather than customer self service).

So an agent need to be able to do refunds or exchanges, or ship another
package if the order is lost in the mail.

How do we do this? It doesn't look like that in the admin interface for
the demo account you can do this. Do we need to configure something or
change code?

I will appreciate any pointers.

Also, anybody integrated Interchange with OTRS customer service app?



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