[ic] OT: Redhat Alternatives?

Russell Mann tech at khouse.org
Fri Jan 9 18:26:39 EST 2004


I've been running IC since it was Minivend 3.x on RedHat.  Actually my first
install was on Irix, but that was a server going out the door at the time,
so I didn't spend much time on it.  Anyways, I just wanted to see what other
professionals are doing about the RedHat licensing situation.  Are you
migrating new systems to another O/S?  Which one?  Which one(s) work well
with IC/mysql/pgsql?  Which ones suck?  Are you just paying the fees and
counting it as cost of doing business?


Russell Mann

(moderators, i know this is OT, so feel free to kill it if you don't like me
(i'm asking because i'm getting ready to build new servers and don't want to
start on a dying O/S)
(it would be like investing in netscape web server circa 1996)

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