[ic] PID process file

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Jan 11 03:52:29 EST 2004

Scott Martin wrote:
> Hi Again
> Reset permissions in PID file and am now getting this:
> /etc/init.d/interchange restart
> Restarting Interchange Server: No process in pidfile `/var/run/interchange/
> interchange.pid' found running; none killed.
> Any thoughts on how to correct?

Disclaimer:  This is just general knowledge about how pid files work in 
general, but it may vary for Interchange, I don't know for sure...

Try deleting/renaming the pid file.  That type of file should normally 
be created automatically by the program when it launches and be deleted 
when the program properly terminated, so if it's there it indicates that 
interchange was somehow improperly terminated (either with kill -9, or a 
power fault something similar).

Make sure that the user that starts interchange has read/write/create 
permissions to the directory that the pid file is in so it can create 
another one when it's ready.

Regards, Peter

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