[ic] Log In problem?

Tom giftbound1 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 11 22:38:52 EST 2004

I did this but I get both images showing Login and Logout why?

[if session logged_in]
      <td><a href="[area logout]" onmouseout="turn_off('menu_b2b')"
onmouseover="turn_over('menu_b2b')" >
  <img name="menu_b2b" src="greens/menu_b2b.gif" alt="Log Out" width="71"
height="25" border="0"></a></td>
      <td><a href="[area login]" onmouseout="turn_off('menu_b2')"
onmouseover="turn_over('menu_b2')" >
   <img name="menu_b2" src="greens/menu_b2.gif" alt="Log In" width="58"
height="25" border="0"></a></td></a>

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