[ic] IC Not Starting

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Mon Jan 12 10:17:57 EST 2004

Scott Martin <smartin at steamvalve.com> writes:

> This is what I see:
> Restarting Interchange Server: start-stop-daemon: open pidfile /var/run/
>  interchange/interchange.pid: Permission denied

What you haven't said is how you got that error.  My assumption is
that you've run '/etc/init.d/interchange start'.  This file is
intended to be run at boot time by root.  It then starts the
interchange daemon as the interchange user.  My assumption is that you
tried to run that script as a normal user and couldn't.  The moral of
the story is that you should run /etc/init.d/interchange as root
(using 'sudo' works well).
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