[ic] How can someone order a deleted item?!

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Mon Jan 12 12:50:48 EST 2004

Hi all,

Just had a very strange problem reported by a customer:

A product on their site has three sizes: XL, L and M. The product uses 
Matrix options, so each size has an entry in the variants table.

Several weeks ago they deleted the "Medium" option from the database as 
it is no longer available.

Today, someone managed to order the product in size medium?!

My customer checked the site and confirmed that the product was showing 
medium as an option. Then they called me.

I went to the admin page to check - no medium option. Then I went to the 
site to check - no medium option. I even queried the sql database 
directly - no medium option. I asked them to check at their end again - 
no medium option.

They swear that they didn't change anything today, so either they are 
winding me up or something very weird is happening.

The only explaination I could come up with is this:

When I accessed the options page in the admin screen for the product, 
the action of loading up the page completed the job of deleting the 
option from the database - the previous attempt to delete the option 
(several weeks ago) somehow didn't complete properly.

I know - I'm clutching at straws here. So can anyone come up with a 
better theory?

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