[ic] OT: Redhat Alternatives?

scaballe at caballe.net scaballe at caballe.net
Mon Jan 12 17:33:42 EST 2004

A Dilluns 12 Gener 2004 16:38, Doug Alcorn va escriure:
> I'll bite.
> "Russell Mann" <tech at khouse.org> writes:
> > Which one(s) work well with IC/mysql/pgsql?  Which ones suck?  Are
> > you just paying the fees and counting it as cost of doing business?
> I think that Debian stable and Slackware are the two main
> distributions that work with IC "out of the box".  The main issue is
> the use of a multi-threaded perl.  you can search the archives to
> catch up on the issue.
> I used RedHat for a couple of years starting at or around the 4.3
> release.  I switched to Debian because of the superior package
> management.  I find that I have to fuss less installing packages on
> Debian.  First, it handles dependencies very well.  Second, the
> default configuration of the packages are good and usually "just
> work".  Packages that require configuration by their very nature are
> typically pretty easy to find where and how to configure them.  The
> Interchange package that Racke has put together is an excellent
> example of this.  In my opinion, it's layed out better than the
> installation by source.

How about trustix distribution



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