[ic] New Admin UI creatiion

Jon Shoberg jon at shoberg.net
Tue Jan 13 12:53:05 EST 2004

I've made though some basics of adding individual fields to foundation 
tables and getting the existing admin ui to show and make simple changes.

Right now I'm trying to add an admin ui page for a table called supplier.  
The table is created and IC5 sees it no problem, I can perform some base 
meta edits to the mysql table.

Question:  Is there a good mail list example / tutorial the the process of 
adding top level section to the admin UI?  

Adding to the tab menus is obviously no problem.  I'm more interested in a 
good way of listing the information in the supplier mysql table, like  
admin/items.html and linking to an edit page where the information can be 

So far I've searched icdevgroup.org and interchange.rtfm.info and found 
some great resources.  Scanning though the admin/items.html and 
items_edit.html has been helpful, though a bit overbearing in trying to 
trace back through the code.  Ideally, is there something specific to 
showing the creating admin pages? A How-To I've missed?





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