[ic] New components

"Leandro L. Sá" leandro at cnts.com.br
Wed Jan 14 10:10:13 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this list and i am a Interchange newbie, so sorry if my question is stupi d =)

I am trying to create a new component for my catalog to substitute the existing left menu that uses Products_tree.

I know it uses the poorly documented [menu ] tag and the menu content is generated via MEnu Editor in UI.

So i tried to duplicate the component but my brand new component just don't accept parameters (ie. Tree name)!! even tough i created just exactly as Products_tree `s parameters.

Could anybody help me? I am using Interchange 5.0 and Red Hat 7.3.

Ah.. another question.. Does anybody have the [Menu ] tag documentation? =)


Leandro Sá.

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