[ic] not using autonumber when creating a new item in admin ui

John Allman allmanj at houseofireland.com
Thu Jan 15 08:30:58 EST 2004

Hi - i'm writing an admin page to manage a table that is not part of the 
core interchange but is essential in our site. I'm using interchange 
4.8.3.  I'm manually selecting numbers for primary keys in this table 
based on the current values in there. I have based this as much as 
possible on the item_edit page and have simply changed the block of code 
in the [if cgi ui_new_item] tag to set item_id to the particular value i 
want (i have made sure that ui_new_item is set when this page is 
accessed by modifying the values in icmenu to be like those for 
item_edit, i.e. the form value set to ui_new_item=1). I have removed all 

Unfortunately, although everything looks good on the editing page and 
the number i want is appearing there, when i submit it, it chooses a 
completely different value which it appears to be getting from an 
autonumber file in the products directory of my catalog.

How can i get it to use my number instead? Or will i just have to adapt 
my plan to take this autonumbering into account?


John Allman

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