[ic] Searching Multiple DBs

righteous at inbox.lv righteous at inbox.lv
Thu Jan 15 11:54:50 EST 2004

> > Hello,
> >
> > Can not find a way to search multiple MySQL databases.  cgi value
> did you mean multiple "databases" or multiple "tables"?

I was asking about multiple databases.  There is a table we want to use as a
global table that all of our interchange catalogs can access.  We have set up a
seperate DSN in the dbconf/mysql/globaltable.sql that points to a different
database and the table within.  Is this the way that it would be done? 

>From there, is there anyway to search that table using the normal search
functions.  I have now written perl code to attempt reading directly from the
table, but Interchange is still convinced that it needs to read from


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