[ic] Payment Module 500 Error

Matt Johnston matt at thebackpacker.com
Sat Jan 17 12:39:27 EST 2004

I am using the BoA payment module for Interchange 4.9.9 and I am constantly 
getting errors where Interchange thinks that the payment module has erred 
but BoA has completed the transaction.  A good percentage of the time 
(close to 50%) when I post a transaction to BoA I get a "500 (Internal 
Server Error) read failed" error.  I have contacted BoA about this error 
and they say that it is on my side.  I am not very well versed in perl, so 
I am having a hard time tracking this down.  The BoA support said to check 
for a timeout setting (BoA uses 120 seconds) and to make sure that the 
KeepAlive header is not present.  I have searched the code to the best of 
my ability but cannot find any references to these in Interchange.

This led me to believe it may be some version of a program on my server 
that is causing some problems.  Here is my setup:

RedHat 8
perl 5.8 installed using sources and the instructions on icdevgroup
openssl 0.9.6b-33 from RedHat rpm
Crypt:SSLeay 0.51 from sources
LWP:UserAgent 2.24 from sources
apache 2.0.47 from sources
Dual Pentium Processor

Can anyone think of something that may be causing this problem?

Matt Johnston


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