[ic] too many "Product Groups?" / Performance question (item limit?)

Ed LaFrance edl at newmediaems.com
Sun Jan 18 11:57:57 EST 2004

At 11:03 AM 1/18/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>I am using IC 5.0 on linux rh9 800mhz, 512mb ram, 170,000 items, 82
>Groups. mysql 4.x.
>When I go to Miscellaneous --> Layout Editor Auto-populate
>When I auto-populate, I only seem to get 50 groups.
>I have searched the archives, and seen mention of "ml=<numb>", and have
>tried it in catalog.conf (and catalog_before.cfg), but it does not seem to
>take effect. (yes, I have restarted interchange...)
>what exactly am I missing to get more that 50 groups to be created in the
>main index page.
>2) not sure if I have hit the limit of items, but everything takes
>I have:
>analyzed tables
>using my-large.cnf from mysql dist.
>tried TRAFFIC = "low" "high" and "rpc" in interchange.cfg
>any other ideas besides "faster machine/more memory"?
>static page generation?

The particular matchlimit that is affecting this may need to inserted in 
the actual code on the page in question (under 
VENDROOT/lib/UI/pages/admin), because if it is not set explicitly, the 
default is 50. There may be a catalog var for globally overriding the 
default for mv_matchlimit, but I could not tell you if/what it is offhand.

As far as performance goes, the UI is still largely written using 
interchange search terms vs. SQL and therefore is not going to be real 
snappy with large SQL tables.

- Ed L.

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