[ic] using __SERVER_NAME__ vs. softlink

Nicholas Cook ncook at intropolis.com
Mon Jan 19 00:13:32 EST 2004

I have noticed that making softlinks don't always work in interchange. 
In other words, <a
href="http://__SERVER_NAME__/cgi-bin/cat/somepage.html">Some Page</a>
and <a href="somepage.html">Some Page</a> don't neccessarily both go to
http://www.someserver.com/cgi-bin/cat/somepage.html.  The link that uses
just sompage.html, without the url and catalog information sometimes
(less than 1% of users on my sites) will take you to
http://www.someserver.com/cgi-bin/somepage.html.  Notice that the
catalog (cat) portion of the url is missing.  Has anybody tied together
why this happens and under what circumstances?  Should we just always
using full links, or is there something I have missed someplace?

IC version is 4.9.  Apache version is 2.0.40.

Thank you,
Nicholas Cook

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