[ic] Making a dynamic product tree link

bas.bezemer at wxs.nl bas.bezemer at wxs.nl
Mon Jan 19 15:38:54 EST 2004

Hi David,

In my experience getting search definitions is a matter of trial and
error and screaming a lot. And creaping towards your end goal. Thus one
step at a time. Suggestions:
1) Does is work with "se=david". If "david" is a valid username ofcourse.
2) Do you need "co=1". I'm not sure but is your search really
coordinated. You are searching through one column (prod_group).


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Van: dlewis at diversified-enterprises.net
Datum: maandag 19 januari 2004 om 17:19 uur
Onderwerp: [ic] Making a dynamic product tree link

> Dear List,
> I am trying to set up a process that allows product to be 
> displayed for the
> currently logged in user.  My first attempt was to make a link in the
> category list in the left hand pane.  I tried to create a query 
> that would
> utilize the logged in user varible.  My attempt is listed below.  
> I doesnt
> work and I am looking for suggestion to achieve this goal.  Any 
> assistanceyou can give would be greatly appreciated.
> ------ Code Snipet----------
> fi=products
> st=db
> co=1
> sf=prod_group
> se='[data session username]'
> op=rm
> nu=0
> ml=50
> ------- snip ------------------
> David Lewis
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