[ic] too many "Product Groups?" / Performance question (item limit?)

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Mon Jan 19 18:26:10 EST 2004

Ed LaFrance wrote:
> The particular matchlimit that is affecting this may need to inserted
> in the actual code on the page in question (under 
> VENDROOT/lib/UI/pages/admin), because if it is not set explicitly,
> the default is 50. There may be a catalog var for globally overriding
> the default for mv_matchlimit, but I could not tell you if/what it is
> offhand.

According to the documentation it's MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT:

> mv_matchlimit
> Function depends upon context. When the search results display is
> handled by one of the mechanisms which works with [more] lists (such
> as [search-region]), mv_matchlimit determines the number of results
> per page. If more matches than mv_matchlimit are found, the search
> paging mechanism will be employed if the proper [more-list] is
> present. When the search results are displayed as one continuous list
> (i.e.: with [loop search="..."]), mv_matchlimit is equivalent in
> function to mv_max_matches. To have no matchlimit, use none instead
> of a number. all does the same thing (since returning "all" is just
> anothing way of looking at no matchlimit). If no matchlimit is
> provided, or an invalid setting (some other string or 0) the default
> is taken from catalog variable MV_DEFAULT_MATCHLIMIT, and if that's
> not set, is 50.


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