[ic] Migrating Interchange to a new server

Duncan Maitland duncan.maitland at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jan 20 05:06:15 EST 2004


I have been assigned the task of migrating an existing Interchange store
(currently running version 4.8.6) to a new web server. I was not involved in
the initial setup or ongoing administration of the store, however I do
understand that this store has had several customisations made, including
custom fields within the MySQL database.

As I understand, if I copy the catalog directory and database, and use the
existing version of Interchange on the new server, then there should be no
problems. Is this a reasonable assumption?

If I decided to upgrade to Interchange 5.0 at the same time, is there
anything I should be aware of? Can I simply copy the existing catalog
directory and database, or should I build a new one from scratch? Would the
custom fields in the database be affected?

Also, is there a 4.8 to 5.0 upgrade guide available? The documentation
doesn't seem to contain any information.

Many thanks for your assistance!

Duncan Maitland

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