[ic] ftp

frank frank at goldissue.com
Tue Jan 20 05:20:32 EST 2004

Help me!

I feel that this is a simple issue, yet I have not been able to resolve it.

I have never really been able to set up ftp for images on my sites so 
that it does not conflict with Interchange.

When the Interchange user tries to ftp images to the shop directories he 
finds a symbolic link to the http image directory.

When I create a user with access to the /var/www/html/foundation/images/ 
directory there seems to be an either/or conflict between this user and 
Interchange for file ownership.

Getting the ftp user to belong to the interch group doesn't help either.

This is upsetting a client, because I have implemented ftp to a separate 
area. A script then copies the files over every five minutes which may 
be chopping images during transfer.

Is there an easy way?


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