[ic] some issues with 5.0 and oracle

Ron Mahoney rmahoney at infotech-nj.com
Wed Jan 21 14:54:49 EST 2004

I am new to Interchange but have been working on an implementation for a site
using and Oracle 8 backend.  I came across a few minor issues that caused many
hours of frustration while trying to get the system up and running.  It is
working fine now. Okay, here are the issus:

1. In the foundation demo dbconf/oracle/options.ora the field price is defined
as VARCHAR2(20). Should be VARCHAR2(250) based on the mysql and psql files.
This causes demo data and store to not load.

2. In the foundation demo the field inactive in the products table is defined
as VARCHAR2(128) (the default).  This causes the select statement: select *
from products where inactive != 1 to fail to retrive any products. So all scans
fail.  I vote to make it NUMBER(38) default 0.

3. In the foundation demo data products/variants.txt the field named comment
does not get renamed to comment_field.

4. In the foundation demo data options.txt, the first record is missing a tab
as the first character.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with Oracle and IC5.  Sorry its not in patch format.

Ron Mahoney

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