[ic] Installation of 5.0 and Perl Dependencies

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Thu Jan 22 10:47:22 EST 2004

Is there any way to install interchange 5.0 via yum or apt-get?  That is, is
there a repository anywhere with the necessary headers and rpm files?  I've
got a fairly stock Fedora Core 1 box set up and it would be nice to be able
to keep things up to date with yum, rather than having to download and
install/freshen RPMs manually.  So far, I've managed to keep everything on
this machine yum updatable.

The interchange RPM seems to expect perl to be installed as
/usr/local/bin/perl but FC1 has it in /usr/bin/perl.  Also, to install from
RPM, perl and associated modules need to have been installed by RPM.  Since
FC1 uses rpm for doing the install (and this machine was installed entirely
using yum over the internet), shouldn't rpm know about those that are
installed?  Or is it a problem where interchange expects them to be
installed one place but they are somewhere else?

Finally, it's not clear from the list of needed modules returned by rpm
which RPM files I need.  This is the list I get:

/usr/local/bin/perl is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(Apache::Registry) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(Apache::Request) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(Business::UPS) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(CCMckDirectLib3_2) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(CCMckErrno3_2) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(CCMckLib3_2) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(NDBM_File) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(OpenECHO) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(SOAP::Lite) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(SOAP::Transport::HTTP) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1
perl(SOAP::Transport::IO) is needed by interchange-5.0.0-1

Some of those are actually installed already.  Knowing what RPMs to get,
however, isn't always quite as obvious as it might be.  According to yum,
here are the lists of a) modules that are already installed and b) modules
available for installation.

Modules already installed:
ImageMagick-perl       5.5.6-5
perl                   3:5.8.1-92
perl-Authen-SASL       2.04-8.k12ltsp.0.3.1
perl-CGI               2:2.81-88.3
perl-CPAN              2:1.61-88.3
perl-Convert-ASN1      0.17-8.k12ltsp.0.3.1
perl-DBD-MySQL         2.9002-1
perl-DBD-Pg            1.22-1
perl-DBI               1.37-1
perl-DB_File           2:1.804-88.3
perl-DateManip         5.42-0.fdr.2.a.1
perl-Digest-HMAC       1.01-11
perl-Digest-SHA1       2.01-15
perl-Filter            1.29-8
perl-HTML-Parser       3.26-18
perl-HTML-Tagset       3.03-28
perl-IO-Socket-SSL     0.92-8.k12ltsp.0.3.1
perl-Net-DNS           0.31-3.2
perl-Net_SSLeay        1.23-8.k12ltsp.0.3.1
perl-Parse-Yapp        1.05-30
perl-Time-HiRes        1.38-4
perl-URI               1.21-7
perl-XML-Dumper        0.4-25
perl-XML-Encoding      1.01-23
perl-XML-Grove         0.46alpha-25
perl-XML-Parser        2.31-16
perl-XML-Twig          3.09-3
perl-libwww-perl       5.65-6
perl-libxml-enno       1.02-29
perl-libxml-perl       0.07-28
perl-perl-ldap         0.28-8.k12ltsp.1.3.1

Modules available for installation:
perl-Archive-Tar       0.22-29
perl-Archive-Zip       1.06-0.fdr.1.1
perl-BSD-Resource      1.20-4
perl-Bit-Vector        6.1-30
perl-Compress-Zlib     1.16-12
perl-Crypt-SSLeay      0.45-8
perl-Date-Calc         5.3-4 
perl-Devel-Symdump     2.03-13
perl-Digest-Nilsimsa   0.06-0.fdr.3.1
perl-File-MMagic       1.16-3
perl-Filter-Simple     0.78-11
perl-Frontier-RPC      0.06-36
perl-IO-stringy        2.108-0.fdr.4.1
perl-Inline            0.44-8
perl-Mail-Alias        1.12-0.fdr.3.1
perl-MailTools         1.60-0.fdr.1.1
perl-NKF               2.03-1
perl-PDL               2.4.0-2
perl-Parse-RecDescent  1.80-12
perl-RPM-Specfile      1.13-0.fdr.2.1
perl-RPM2              0.45-5
perl-SDL               1.20.0-0.lvn.3.1
perl-SGMLSpm           1.03ii-12
perl-String-ShellQuote 1.00-0.fdr.7.1
perl-TermReadKey       2.20-12
perl-Text-Kakasi       1.05-8
perl-TimeDate          1.1301-5 
perl-Video-DVDRip      0.50.16-0.lvn.3.1
perl-suidperl          3:5.8.1-92
perltidy               0.0-0.fdr.3.20031021.1


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