[ic] Font size selection with [more]

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Sat Jan 24 23:10:33 EST 2004

On Jan 24, 2004, at 8:57 PM, doug1 at ultimatepassage.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> Recently I was asked to increase the font size on the bottom of the
> results page.  The font size increase does work on the first line but 
> not
> the line containing the page numbers and First and Last
> This there a simple solution to this issue?
> Here's the relevent code:
> <font size="+1">
> [msg arg.0="[matches]" arg.1="[match-count]"]Matches %s of %s 
> found.[/msg]
> <BR>[more]<BR>
> </font>
> [/more-list]
> As a side note, I tried googling for this but googling with the word
> "more" is useless.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Bruce

It looks like your code should work, but it would be nice to see the 
output. Maybe the [more] tag is putting in some other HTML.

Josh Lavin
Kingdom Design   http://www.kdw.us/

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