[ic] Combine Instances of Like Items for Quantity Discount?: YES/NO

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Sun Jan 25 09:20:43 EST 2004

Here is a situation that we face every day regarding Quantity Discount Pricing.

There are times when we want the quantities of a certain item to be combined for the quantity discount no matter how many instances of that item may have been placed into one basket. After the quantity pricing for that item has been calculated, then any priced options across all those items would be tallied and added. There are other items for which we do not want to allow combining the quantities of the different instances within a particular basket, but only allow quantity discounts within each instance.



In other words, if Item # 1234 is a t-shirt that includes 1 line of text for free and a 2nd line of text for an additional $1.00 per shirt, and a customer orders 2 shirts, but one shirt has 1 line of text and the other shirt has 2 lines of text (no lines from either shirt are the same), then in this case we might want to designate this item as a "Combine=YES" item, which will calculate the final pricing on the total quantity of the 2 shirts, not just 1 instance of each - then add in the priced options:


Item # 1234
Description:  T-Shirt
Combine = YES
   1 shirt........$8.00
   2-4 shirts.....$7.00
Text Line 1.......FREE
Text Line 2.......$1.00 per shirt

Basket Contents

Item # 1234
Quantity:  1
Text Line 1:  "Fred"

Item # 1234
Quantity:  1
Text Line 1:  "Jed"
Text Line 2: "Go Eagles!" (Add $1.00)

The calculation might look like this:

Item # 1234 (Combined)
Quantity:  2
Subtotal:  $14.00

Text Line 2
Quantity: 1
Subtotal: $1.00

Total:  $15.00



However, there are other items for which we do not want to combine the quantities of the different instances in the same shopping cart. In this case, the item would be designated as "Combine=NO", and all of the instances of that item within the same shopping basket could not be combined for quantity pricing. The only quantity discount pricing in this case would occur within each instance. So, if Item # 6789 is a hat which can include 1 line of text for $1.00 per line and a customer orders 10 hats that say "Fred" and 20 hats that say "Jed", then for these different instances of this item, the cart does not combine the instances for the discount. The only discount would be within each instance. 


Item # 6789
Description:  Hat
Combine = NO
   1-10 hats........$10.00 each
   11-20 hats.......$9.00 each
   21-30 hats.......$8.00 each
Text Line 1.......$1.00 per hat

Basket Contents

Item # 6789
Quantity:  10
Text Line 1:  "Fred" (Add $1.00 per hat)

Item # 6789
Quantity:  20
Text Line 1:  "Jed" (Add $1.00)

The calculation might look like this:

Item # 6789 (Instance 1)
Quantity:  10
Text Lines ("Fred"):  10
Subtotal:  $100.00 + 10.00 = $110.00

Item # 6789 (Instance 2)
Quantity:  20
Text Lines ("Jed"):  20
Subtotal:  $180.00 + 20.00 = $200.00

Total:  $310.00


The bottom line on this whole thing is that for some items you want to allow combining like items for the discount no matter how many instances of that item are in the cart, but for some other items, you only want to allow discounting within each instance of those designated items.

Would the above type of quantity pricing features be possible?

Thanks very much :-)
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