[ic] Product options with their own prices and quantities

Andy Mayer andy at andymayer.net
Tue Jan 27 17:44:50 EST 2004


I have a store selling sheet music where each product has a variable
number of parts. Customers need to be able to order these parts in
various quantities. The parts available vary from product to product.

I'm using the foundation demo, and have tried using the options table to
define each part in the "o_group" field with o_widget type of "text".

This displays the on the fly page correctly with a list of parts and 
text fields to accept the quantities.

The problem is:

1) when I try to add the product to the cart, it doesn't appear. 

2) There will be many different parts in total, possibly hundreds across
the whole catalog, so putting them all in catalog.cfg as a "UseModifier"
seems to be the wrong thing to do.

Any advice, examples, links suggestions would be greatly appreciated as
I've only used simple options before and don't have advanced IC

I am using 4.9.6 Interchange and foundation demo.



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