[ic] silent post from Verisign Payflow Link

Michael Kim mikek at tibetanaidproject.org
Tue Jan 27 18:02:40 EST 2004

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Subject: [ic] silent post from Verisign Payflow Link

> Hi -
> I am trying to integrate IC with Verisign Payflow Link by using its
> post" feature.  I have gotten fairly far in experimenting with this
> but have not gotten it to work.
> The topic of this message is similar to these:
> tml
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/archive/interchange-users/2002/msg04088.html
> and neither of these threads were resolved either.
> Here is what I have so far :
> (1) From the "cart.cgi/ord/checkout.html" page, clicking the "Place Order"
> button can be simulated by just browsing to the location of
> [process secure=1]
> with "&mv_click_map=Place_Order&mv_click_Place_Order=Place Order" appended
> onto the url.
> (e.g.,
> &mv_click_map=Place_Order&mv_click_Place_Order=Place%20Order )
> See the hidden fields of the "checkout" form on "checkout.html" for more
> information about this.
>     Just browsing to this url will pull up a receipt page, and trigger off
> the order route behaviors (logging, updating the database, sending
> confirmation emails, etc).
> (2) I can pass the "mv_session_id" to Verisign Payflow Link through a
> field called "USER1", and the value of the "[process secure=1]" tag
> a hidden field called "USER2", which Verisign posts to my silent-post page
> (called "silent.php").
> (3) My "silent.php" page receives "USER1" (the "mv_session_id" value)
> properly from Verisign, and posts this along with
> and "mv_click_Place_Order=Place Order" (and other values copied from
> "checkout.html") to the url parsed from "USER2".
> (4) But "silent.php" posting these to "process.html" does not trigger the
> behaviors that browsing to the same url does.
> Does this approach not work because cookies are involved somehow?  What
> other difference could there be between browsing to "process.html" with
> mentioned values and posting to "process.html" with the same value from
> "silent.php"?
> I think whoever figures this out will have solved the elusive IC to
> Payflow Link integration problem that does not yet have a good documented
> solution.

(I am replying to my own post.)

Progress!  I set the "WideOpen" configuration value to "Yes" in
"catalog.cfg" and this allows sessions to be continued from a different IP

However, the order route behaviors are not being triggered yet, I'm only
getting the check out screen.

Any suggestions for directly triggering the order route behaviors?

Thanks -


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