[ic] Problem with 'Buy' button on results.html - re-send

Sales-TVCables.co.uk sales at tvcables.co.uk
Thu Jan 29 14:11:08 EST 2004

Not sure the first one made it so re-sending....

Hi folks,

I am having a real problem with the "Buy" buttons on the results.html
page, every time one is pressed the customer is thrown back to
index.html. The item goes into the basket ok but it should just re-load
the results.html page and display the cart contents using the
cart_display component.

This worked fine before the catalog was moved to 5.0.0, what's more
strange is that I have setup my own 5.0.0 install on my home lan and the
same results page works fine.

>From the tests I have done I am convinced it is not the results.html
page or the components so I presume I must have a variable set wrong or
not set at all somewhere, can someone give me an idea as to what
controls what happens after the button is pressed and how I might fix

Many thanks,


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