[ic] Cart update is freaky

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Thu Jul 1 00:08:29 EDT 2004

Daniel Davenport wrote:

>catalog's cart and copying it over.  Only certain tags have been replaced.
>The [modifier-name foo], [quantity-name], and [list]bar[/list] tags appear
>to have been expanded (to foo0, quantity0, and a bunch of bars,
>respectively).  Replacing these tags, and deleting the fluff that resulted
>from parsing them, appears to have fixed the problem.
>I have to wonder how it happened, though.  This doesn't really look like
>anything people would be boneheaded enough to do, especially since the only
>other person working on this site hasn't touched the cart pages, and is
>brighter than that anyway...  :)

I had the same question a few months ago...

Here was the answer I received (and it worked perfectly):

 From the message above: the best solution is to use <input 
name="quantity[item-param mv_ip]" ...> to avoid this issue.


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