[ic] Cart update is freaky

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Jul 1 01:50:29 EDT 2004

Quoting Daniel Davenport (ddavenport at newagedigital.com):
> Quoting Mike:
> > That probably means you toyed with the order of the variables in the
> > cart, or totally removed the variables that show the quantity.
> >
> > You need to have any remove box before the quantity variable, and you
> > need to have a variable for the quantity of each item, even if only
> > in a HIDDEN.
> >
> > This is the type of thing a competent consultant could show you in
> > just a few minutes, and I think it is even in the docs somewhere if
> > you look.
> >
> heh.  While i have edited some things in the catalog, i've saved the cart
> page for the last day or two, precisely because i'm not familiar with the
> way Interchange processes forms.  I've stuck to the simple parts, and
> usually danced around Interchange and used plain CGI between the pages i
> made.
> I diff'ed the cart component with the foundation cart and the one from the
> tarball (i knew keeping around would come in handy :)) and found something
> quite strange:
> the catalog's cart, aside from the edits i made (all of which i remember),
> appears to have changed quite a bit from the foundation's cart.  What's
> strange is that a couple of the tags appear to have been parsed.  Not all of
> them; no, that could be easily chalked up to some nitwit 'view source'ing a
> catalog's cart and copying it over.  Only certain tags have been replaced.
> The [modifier-name foo], [quantity-name], and [list]bar[/list] tags appear
> to have been expanded (to foo0, quantity0, and a bunch of bars,
> respectively).  Replacing these tags, and deleting the fluff that resulted
> from parsing them, appears to have fixed the problem.

Aha -- I think you edited it with the content-editor.

This is actually a known bug in the content editor part, as it runs a
hash list and will replace those. I thought it had been fixed; but it
appears not. My understanding was that you could replace [quantity-
name] with [item-quantity-name], etc., but looking at the code it may
not be fixed.

My personal fix is never to use the content-editor; in fact it is
not in the menus with the latest version.

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