[ic] Using accessories tag for item attribute

the OnE bicolspice at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 18:52:54 EDT 2004

Hi guys! I want to use [accessories] tag for rendering
the widget as much as possible. But a problem arises
whenever the something like the following data is

example: A an item is multi-color (attribute of a
certain item). Shoppers are allowed to pick from the
list of accessories or attribute COLOR 

1st Color is :  item with Red, Green and Blue
2nd Color is : item with Violet, Blue and Silver

SKU  is B101

now, in my database (products table) I have the
following entry under the 'color' field

  CLRGB=Red, Green and Blue, CLVBS=Violet, Blue and

Now, using the tag 

[accessories code=B101 attribute=color type="radio

the output is a drop-down list with 4 (i think) values
instead of two because of the fact that [accessories]
tag's delimiter is default to comma.The correct widget
should render a DD list with only two values right? 
What is the work-around on this one considering the
following requirements: 

1) without using [perl] code
2) just pure accessories tag. 

Also, another question is: using the 
'type = "radio break"' according to the manual will
put <BR> between the <input type="radio"> ... tags..
so as to separate or align the radio buttons

[accessories code=B101 attribute=color type="radio

But its not working ...  Am I missing something?

thank you again.. hoping for a reply soon...

more power to IC! 

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