[ic] remove sendmail 5-sec pause?

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Jul 2 12:08:51 EDT 2004

Quoting Jack Cushman (jc at alexinteractive.com):
> Hi --
> I'm trying to shave seconds off final order processing on a busy site. 
> I've found that, about one in ten times, etc/mail_receipt takes an 
> extra five seconds to run. Debugging messages narrow down the extra 
> time to the point of sending the email:
> [email to="[scratch to_email], __MAIL_RECEIPT_CC__"
>         subject="__COMPANY__ Order #[value mv_order_number]: [scratch 
> subject_end]"
>         from=|"__COMPANY__ Order Confirmation" <orders at company.com>| ]
> ... email contents ...
> # pause comes after this
> [/email]
> #but before this
> I'm not sure exactly what config values apply here, but I believe we 
> have all defaults set as far as sending mail goes. So -- how can I kill 
> this pause? Is it something changing sendmail options could fix? Or is 
> it possible to have IC execution continue without waiting for the 
> results of the [email] tag?

You could do your own custom sendmail script that accepted the message
on standard input then called sendmail itself in the background. It
would not be too difficult, here is a five-minute effort:


use File::Temp;

my $basedir = '/tmp/sendmail';
my $sendmail = '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t';

umask 2;

mkdir $basedir unless -d $basedir;

my $tmp = File::Temp->new( DIR => $basedir );

my $tmpnam = $tmp->filename;

open OUT, "> $tmpnam"
	or die "Cannot create $tmpnam: $!\n";

my $cmdline = join " ", $sendmail, '<', $tmpnam, '&';

while(<>) {
	print OUT $_;

close OUT;


if($?) {
	die "Failed to fork sendmail: $!\n";

Of course you would change the directive SendMailProgram to call that

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