[ic] UI Content Component editor mangle tags

Sean Benton manager at bgsn.net
Mon Jul 5 03:51:15 EDT 2004

Hello all ...
Have come across a stange problem with the UI Component editor , while i 
was switching between editing on a ssh with vi
and with the UI interface.
I was editing the component cart and when I saved it with the UI 
interface it mangled one of the tags ?

As i have a daily backup to refrence I soon noticed there was a problem 
and investigated finding that
in the component/cart "[quanity-name]" was changed to "quanity0" and 
restoring the file I tried to edit with the UI inteface and yet again it 
changed it mangled the tag, I am asuming that this isnt supose to happen .
Im not to sure what will fix this...

Ideas ?

Sean Benton

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