[ic] Odd DBI error.

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Mon Jul 5 06:40:01 EDT 2004

I am having odd DBI errors when trying to use a table:

The weird thing is, i can insert into this table fine from a webpage 
which makes me think it is a bug with interchange, rather than something 
wrong with my config.
Using the postgres command line i can select and insert fine.

Postgres version is 7.4.3, Interchange version is 5.0.

Error i get:
---- 4kB5gCRh:nobody - [05/July/2004:11:33:42 +0100] clubdev 
www.scotwebshops.com/clubdev/sr_swhdr_standard_pc_outfit.html Query on 
table prodlink; failed: Can't call method "config" on an undefined value 
at /home/shops/interchange-5.0/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 1980.
 > Query was: SELECT * FROM prodlink;

Variable SQLDSN dbi:Pg:dbname=<database_name>
Variable SQLUSER <the db user>

Database prodlink prodlink.txt __SQLDSN__
Database prodlink USER __SQLUSER__
Database prodlink DEFAULT_TYPE TEXT
Database prodlink COLUMN_DEF "product=text"
Database prodlink COLUMN_DEF "link=integer"


I have had a look at the perl source but got a bit lost.


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