[ic] Included file in flypage.html not parsing

the OnE bicolspice at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 6 21:00:37 EDT 2004

I'm trying to slice the code within my flypage.html
and just use [include file] to make part of the code
available when needed.. Is this solution optimal or
? Any other? Another problem with this style of coding
is....  [item-code] tags within the included file are
not parsed ... they are printed as is ( plain tag )

File: flypage.html
 [if cgi ostep eq "1"]
     [include pages/fp-step-1 interpolate=1]

 [elsif cgi ostep eq "2"]

     [include pages/fp-step-2 interpolate=1]

File: fp-step-1
Step 1
item code: [item-code]

File: fp-step-2
Step 2
item code: [item-code]

OUTPUT:  when ostep = "1", the output is:

Step 1
item code: [item-code]    (instead of e.i. BX1001)

same situation when ostep = "2"

any work around for this one?

appreciate a lot!!

More power IC and IC guys!


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