[ic] More list error

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Wed Jul 7 12:16:26 EDT 2004

I have finally been able to reproduce the error that I has been 
periodically showing up in my logs.  I'm sure I have just done something 
stupid, but I can't for life of me figure it out.

If you go to my catalog and view a page with a more-list, then leave the 
browser for a while (in other words, just minimize it for at least an 
hour), then click on "Next' you will receive an internal server error.

And, in my logs is this error:

- [07/July/2004:10:45:14 -0400] champ /cgi-bin/champ/scan/MM=6d65f0bf7caf8d2c209b804f74f49cf0:15:15:15.html search error: Object saved wrong in /var/lib/interchange/champ/tmp/n/nrcMTFqz.6d65f0bf7caf8d2c209b804f74f49cf0 for search ID nrcMTFqz.6d65f0bf7caf8d2c209b804f74f49cf0.

If I go to the tmp directory for my catalog, the file in the error 
message above is not there.

If I go back to the previous page, then refresh the page, then click on 
the more links everything will work fine.  So, it seems like the session 
is expiring and the more link is no longer valid. 

Have I done something stupid in my configuration, or is there something 
deeper going on here?

Thank you for you help and advice,

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