[ic] More list error

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Jul 7 12:52:45 EDT 2004

Quoting Dan Bergan (danb at champonline.com):
> I have finally been able to reproduce the error that I has been 
> periodically showing up in my logs.  I'm sure I have just done something 
> stupid, but I can't for life of me figure it out.
> If you go to my catalog and view a page with a more-list, then leave the 
> browser for a while (in other words, just minimize it for at least an 
> hour), then click on "Next' you will receive an internal server error.
> And, in my logs is this error:
> - [07/July/2004:10:45:14 -0400] champ 
> /cgi-bin/champ/scan/MM=6d65f0bf7caf8d2c209b804f74f49cf0:15:15:15.html 
> search error: Object saved wrong in 
> /var/lib/interchange/champ/tmp/n/nrcMTFqz.6d65f0bf7caf8d2c209b804f74f49cf0 
> for search ID nrcMTFqz.6d65f0bf7caf8d2c209b804f74f49cf0.
> If I go to the tmp directory for my catalog, the file in the error 
> message above is not there.
> If I go back to the previous page, then refresh the page, then click on 
> the more links everything will work fine.  So, it seems like the session 
> is expiring and the more link is no longer valid. 

You have hit it on the head.

> Have I done something stupid in my configuration, or is there something 
> deeper going on here?

It is all a question of what you want; you can up the session expiration
time of course. But if people bookmark a "more" page, that won't help.

At one point I had figured out a way to save common searches to a
single place, but that has its pitfalls as well.

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