[ic] cat-exec bar_link - how to configure? (IC 5.2/category_verical)

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Thu Jul 8 07:07:07 EDT 2004

Quoting tom friedel <tomfriedel at earthlink.net> :
At 05:48 AM 7/8/2004, you wrote:
>[cat-exec bar_link]cat[/cat-exec]<BR>
>This tag is in category_vertical and seems to generate a long HREF like 
>I want to change op=eq to op=rm so that putting items in multiple 
>categories will work but I can't figure out how to configure the cat-exec 
>link, much less the admin interface to all of this.

You could accomplish what you want in a couple of different ways.

The cat table contains the information regarding the kind of
search you want. The out-of-the-box Foundation demo catalog
makes use of the 'simple' search method. Which generates a
link as the one you mentioned above.
You could change 'simple' to 'internal' or 'complex' and pass
the desired form variables (one per line) in order to build your

You can accomplish this task in the admin UI (Miscellaneous).
If I recall correctly, this is called something like layout-editor.
See the legacy functions in the UI.

Or you could edit the bar_link routine located in the
catalog_before.cfg file in the Interchange installation directory.

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