[ic] Working with menus

Bob Puff at NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Thu Jul 8 17:55:16 EDT 2004

Hi Gang,

I'm working with a 5.2 system, and trying to get the hang of using the menu editor (as opposed to 
the legacy one that I knew so well).

I've created a new menu set, and set a given page so that it uses my created menu set.  It does 
display it.  However, I have two problems:

1. In the page editor, I have the category_vertical_tree component set to: Vertical category list 
for the Menu-editor and tree-database.  This makes it show up.  But the options on the same page 
allow an indent and a dot option.  These do not seem to work.

2. In the menu editor, I am trying to replace a category name with a little .gif image.  I've tried 
putting the image name in just about every entry in the advanced tab (the only place that looks like 
it is where you would put an image), yet it still shows the text.

I've been looking for docs on using this menu editor, but have not really come up with anything. 
The wiki has been down every time I have tried it.  If there is a document that details the hows and 
whys of this menu editor, I would really appreciate a link to it.



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