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Mon Jul 12 13:17:06 EDT 2004

At 05:13 AM 7/12/2004, you wrote:

>Hi people,
>I hope you can help me with this trivial problem, but as I dont have *any* 
>perl knowledge it still needs your help;
>As mta I use qmail in a virtual domain environment. If I send email from 
>within ic it takes the default domain as (amongst others) its return path. 
>This is easy to solve my setting some qmail-inject variables. Question 
>remains how to do this from within ic. I need a per catalog setting, so it 
>would be great if there is a way to do this using catalog.cfg.
>In interchange.cfg I found this:
>## This is only needed if you use Net::SMTP instead of
>## sendmail or clones
>Variable MV_SMTPHOST smtp
>What does this do? How do I know if ic is using net:smtp or sendmail? I 
>didnt find anything in the docs. What is the best way of setting 
>environment variables in ic?

The above is not what you want to address this issue. Customer-targeted 
email receipts, ship notices and other emails are easily sent out with the 
[email][/email] tag pair, which lets you specify sender and reply email 
addresses; see the tag reference for more information. Order reports (like 
the store email copy of an order) are mailed via a different mechanism. If 
you want, you can add 'from' and 'reply' parameters to the order Route in 
which the mailing occurs to set these email headers to what you want them 
to be, i.e.:

Route main  <<EOF
         attach            0
         credit_card       1
         default           1
         email             '__ORDERS_TO__'
         from              'somebody at somewhere.com'
         encrypt           0
         errors_to         '__ORDERS_TO__'
         pgp_cc_key        "__PGP_KEY__"
         pgp_key           "__PGP_KEY__"
         receipt           etc/receipt.html
         report            etc/report
         supplant          1
         individual_track  orders
         track             logs/tracking.asc

- Ed


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