[ic] IC 4.8.6 Marking Line Item of Order as 'Partial'

Barry Treahy, Jr. Treahy at MMaz.com
Tue Jul 13 10:57:49 EDT 2004

With the products we have, we either have them in stock or we don't, 
rarely do we have situations where we need to partial a normal order, 
let alone a web order, but when we do it isn't a problem with a normal 
order but on web orders, it causes confusion when updating the web site 
side of the system in IC.  I just re-checked the 4.8.6 interface and see 
that the order can be put into a partial status, but not the line item.  
Does anyone have a hack that might be compatible with 4.8.6 to handle 
partial shipments of line items too?




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