[ic] ic and qmail

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Tue Jul 13 14:18:56 EDT 2004

>>>> Thanks
>>>> -Patrick
>>> The above is not what you want to address this issue. 
>>> Customer-targeted email receipts, ship notices and other emails are 
>>> easily sent out with
>> <snip>
>> How come nobody is willing to help me with this?
> Probably because this is not really an Interchange thing but rather a 
> qmail thing. You might want to get on a qmail forum or mailing list and 
> pose the same question - Interchange is just a big script so a solution 
> that works for any script should be adaptable for interchange. I took 37 
> seconds to look at "Life With Qmail" 
> (http://www.lifewithqmail.org/lwq.html), section 4.3, and did see that 
> environment variables can be used to override configuration directives, 
> but perhaps a Qmail guru (which I am NOT) would be better suited to show 
> you how you might exploit this...
> - Ed


Before this turns into a flame war, I already know about the lwq pages, 
that is where I got the info on the variables from. I even posted a link 
to the qmail-inject man page in case somebody willing to help me needed 
more info. This is NOT a qmail issue because I know perfectly well what 
I have to do about it. If I post this on a qmail mailinglist they will 
point me to this list because qmail (sendmail) is called from ic, and 
the calling script needs to set the proper variables. I dont ask anybody 
  to help me solve the 'qmail problem', only how to override the 
defaultdomain from ic. Please dont point me to a perl list this time }:)
It IS possible to set system variables from within ic, right?


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