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Steve Streich sstreich at streichs.com
Tue Jul 13 14:40:20 EDT 2004

Ed is right you should not have to change a thing in the cfg files.
I have been using IC with qmail flawlessly for a few years and have never
had to alter a cfg file.
If qmail is properly installed IC will look for the sendmail program, which
should have been linked over to qmail at the qmail install. If qmail is
currently working properly then this has more than likely been configured.
Then do your setting for who you want your mail to go to or from in the
admin interface. Do the update or restart IC and all should work fine.
It sounds as tho you have not set up the domain in the admin area yet. This
will cause a local host mail as it reads the default.
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> >>>Hi people,
> >>>I hope you can help me with this trivial problem, but as I dont have
> >>>*any* perl knowledge it still needs your help;
> >>>As mta I use qmail in a virtual domain environment. If I send email
> >>>within ic it takes the default domain as (amongst others) its return
> >>>path. This is easy to solve my setting some qmail-inject variables.
> >>>Question remains how to do this from within ic. I need a per catalog
> >>>setting, so it would be great if there is a way to do this using
> >>>In interchange.cfg I found this:
> >>>
> >>>## This is only needed if you use Net::SMTP instead of
> >>>## sendmail or clones
> >>>Variable MV_SMTPHOST smtp
> >>>
> >>>What does this do? How do I know if ic is using net:smtp or sendmail? I
> >>>didnt find anything in the docs. What is the best way of setting
> >>>environment variables in ic?
> >>>
> >>>Thanks
> >>>-Patrick
> >>
> >>The above is not what you want to address this issue. Customer-targeted
> >>email receipts, ship notices and other emails are easily sent out with
> >
> ><snip>
> >
> >How come nobody is willing to help me with this?
> Probably because this is not really an Interchange thing but rather a
> thing. You might want to get on a qmail forum or mailing list and pose the
> same question - Interchange is just a big script so a solution that works
> for any script should be adaptable for interchange. I took 37 seconds to
> look at "Life With Qmail" (http://www.lifewithqmail.org/lwq.html), section
> 4.3, and did see that environment variables can be used to override
> configuration directives, but perhaps a Qmail guru (which I am NOT) would
> be better suited to show you how you might exploit this...
> - Ed
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